cameroon part 4 – Climatic resort – remains of a colonial past


Africa is a place of longing and as such surely addictive. After a memorable journey through Mali we then made Cameroon the center of our interest. This country does unite all the landscapes to be found in Africa. Deserts, mountains, prairie, savanna, grassland, rainforest and coastline. Furthermore, it is home to countless ethnic groups who are as different as the swaths of land in which they live.



Climatic resort – remains of a colonial past

As if the German and French colonialists have only just left. Up the road from Dschang, this place has earned a reputation for good air. The dining room, dominated by a buffet resemblance of its founding time and heavy furniture of the 1930s, remains unchanged over the decades. Bunked curtains mark the room. The imperial eagle had to make place for the flag of Cameroon. The main house would be the perfect location for a movie. The abandoned swimming pool is more due to the French 1960s.

Chairs missing one or two legs, shabby couches and the site as a whole tells about the people who once inhabited the place. Up to this day, a gardener is in charge of taking care of the grounds but it doesn‘t come as a surprise that the flowers now decorate empty mustard glasses. A lot has changed in Cameroon. Some things just stand still. Our companions highlight every colonial building along the way. Durability of the bridges has earned the Germans some respect, respect which goes as far as elevating Bismarck to the status of a „nice guy“. Unbelievable.

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